[B] MANNEQUIN pflanzt Bäume/ [B] MANNEQUIN plants trees

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At the end of October, we set ourselves the task of planting more trees and plants. We started by planting the two beds in our parking lot. Everyone lent a hand and it turned into a very fun team event. The following spring, we were able to marvel at the first successful growth and the first flowers.

However, the two small beds were not enough for us… and so we launched a tree planting campaign as part of the 2023 Advent calendar:

In the Christmas season, in the candlelight’s glow,
Planting trees, let that be our motto.

Instead of gifts wrapped in paper and bow,
We sow hope in the winter’s snow.

On Instagram, follow us, step inside,
For every new follower, tree seeds we’ll provide.

A click, a green promise comes alive,
Together, we gift nature the beauty it derives.

In the end, we are now the proud sponsors of 50 trees in the southern Harz region, which were planted by PLANT MY TREE.